This Wild Dream Lies.

Greetings. Yes, that’s right it’s me. I have a blog now, or more accurately  I have had a blog since January 2011 that I never knew about. Oh the many wonders of meaningless membership atop membership. I have usurped my own throne. I am recycling and re-purposing this magnificent beast in to something of beauty – something I intend to do while I spend this Summer in the land of Midnight Sun, Lapland to be exact.

My travels thus far have been have been a true adventure, I feel somehow like I have only been recently born and entered this world anew in February. Everything I have come across has been entirely different and new. From celebrating May Day with trade unions in a mountain village in Italy, to suffering through an 18 hour bus ride with stomach flu and no working toilet. The one thing that has struck me most through out is the unending kindness of Man. In truth I feared that in setting out on my own I would meet only murderers and drug dealers where in fact I have met only the most welcoming people I could have hoped for.

Urged by people close to me to begin writing and sharing my photography, I have at last succumbed – let this be the first of many posts to whomsoever it reaches.

Stay Beautiful



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