2 Days. No Night.

My second full day in Lapland has taught me two things.

  1. Things in Lapland move at their own pace.
  2. The weather in Lapland is changeable.

Having been told yesterday that I could start work early if I so chose, I went to breakfast early today. I was too early. Henri and Paivaa (the owners and my gracious hosts) were on their way out the door. They had a group of hikers arriving for lunch and needed something to feed them with. I happily helped myself to breakfast and waited. I watched the rain turn to hailstones. I watched the sun come out and briefly brighten the sky. Then I waited some more.

Paivaa came back and began cooking while I was still awaiting instructions from Henri. It seems here they like to keep the sexes together, in all regards. The men work outside, we lift things and build things and do all manner of other manly work. The girls, when they arrive, will help Paivaa with cooking and cleaning – I wonder if they know this yet?

It was after 11 when Henri came to give me my commands. They were few. I finished the disposing of a roof I had began the day before, I put old insulation in to bin bags. That was it. You’d think having a near free day would be ideal, but it is still too cold and wet to do much outside here. After a brief trip to the village I returned and have been occupying myself indoors most of the day. With books and writing and watching the world go by. I began whittling some wood I found while I wrote a brief verse about the trees outside.

Pray tall pine how old are thee?

You were here before that beech

And surely too my cabin

Where I have watched you lazily

And steeped your youth in tea



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