An (adopted) Finnish Family

I realise it has been a while since I’ve posted anything. In truth I have been too busy to have much spare time. Having a free day today, I thought I would take the time and give a brief rundown of the lovely people I have found here at the top of the world.


Päivvi is the mother here, everyone’s mother. She refuses help constantly and manages to produce three excellent meals a day for us helpers separate meals for husband and all manner of snacks. She spends her days cleaning and cooking and is surprisingly happy with her traditional role in life. When she is not looking after someone else she is gardening, though small and rather frail looking she constantly reminds us all of sisou as she spends hours digging holes, carrying compost and on her knees weeding.

She is small. Her face belies her 52 years. She has only three small black teeth, they match her hair. Jet black, a relic perhaps of her grandmothers Italian heritage. She wears sweatpants and old sandals while working but tells us of her fabulous wardrobe sourced from Paris, Milan, Tokyo. She travels a lot. Smiles a lot too.


Henri is a large silent man. He is over 2 metres tall and I wouldn’t dare to guess his weight. In this world divided by gender he likes to think he looks after the outside work, the maintenance, the painting. He does not. As I have learned while living in Finland, despite the outwardly macho persona Finland is a closeted matriarchy.

Henri is friendly. Not openly. In a nervous “schoolboy on the playground”, kind of way.

He listens to dad rock and can’t handle his alcohol. Päivii is his third wife and he is an ex bank manager. I get the feeling he lived an unhappy life in the bank. He mentioned it once, with a slight lump in his throat.

The Helpers

I am still getting to know the other helpers here. There is Nathalie from France and Anya from Germany. I know very little about Anya, she only arrived this week. Me and Nathalie get on well. It is still to early for proper descriptions but I shall keep you updated.


3 thoughts on “An (adopted) Finnish Family

    1. Thank’s for that, glad you enjoyed it. I’ll have to have a root through my photos and see if I can find anything.
      They were very camera shy if memory serves me well. If I find anything I’ll be sure to post it,
      Stay Beautiful

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