A Retroactive Travel Journal or How To Travel For Free ish


It occurs to me that this blog has yet to fulfill it’s original purpose as a travel journal. I started this blog in Summer 2017 in a bid to catalog my adventures through Europe, but as is so often the case life got in the way. I left Ireland on the 3rd of March last year with adventure in mind and in truth I found it. Now, being nearly a year since I started out I plan to retroactively post old-fashioned-paper-journal entries I wrote as near to the dates written as possible.

This scrawl may take some time to transcribe.


Hold Up!! Backstory Please?

Right of course. A backstory always helps. In January of 2016 I was a making fairly good money in the retail industry in Ireland but I was bored. I had my head filled with notions of greatness and dreams of adventure. A friend of mine mentioned this marvelous organisation called Helpx where I could search volunteer listings. How does it work?

  1. Browse people looking for volunteers. The kinds of work are varied to say the least and range from hostels to farm work.
  2. Find an amazing place full of adventure that suits your skills/desires.
  3. Pay a small annual fee to unlock the hosts contact details, blast them off an email and wait for a response

Work a few hours a day at something a million times more exciting than what you do now and get free room and board.

Now I had been reading a lot about long term travel on blogs like Nomadic Matt’s and Wandering earl’s and this seemed like the perfect idea to travel long term and spend next to nothing. As I saw it my only expenses would be travelling to and from each host, I even met people who hitchhiked and could cut that cost by 90%.

The Plan

A very fitting journal to record adventures in.

When I travel I keep a journal. Everyone should. Starting on 4th of March I will post last years entries…. This  year!

Cause I’m cool like that.


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