Galway – January 2016

So it turns out that I have some entries in my travel journal dated earlier than I thought…

The following was first written some time in January 2016 while I was just setting out on adventures and full of excitement. The photos I mentioned have been lost to time, or to the recycling bin. But that doesn’t sound so romantic.


Sure it nearly took me as long to get across Dublin as it did to get here.

1 Dart* – 30 Minutes

1  Luas** – 20 Minutes

Well OK maybe not quite, the train from Dublin to Galway was only 21/2 hours.

Grey and overcast is Galway with sleepy rains blowing in off the sore. Didn’t lend itself much to photography but I got some half decent snaps I reckon. Maybe 2 of the 25 I took are worth keeping.

It is now 6.56 pm as my chargerless phone reliably informs me. I had a feeling I forgot something this morning.alright but I was already on the train before I copped it. By then the monotony of card-playing tourists had been broken by a  group of “heads**”, who got on in Athenry.

The Irish “head”, is a queer creation that seems to transcend location. A face like an unpeeled rooster potato with the scraggly facial hair of an unkempt schoolboy – unmistakable.

Tonight will be an early one. Checkout is at 10 am and the bus leaves shortly thereafter. I will try and photograph Galway again by night and she if she graces me with her usual beauty. I do not hold out hope.

*Local train service in Dublin. Dublin Area Rapid Transport

**Tram service in Dublin City, ironically slow given it’s name.

*** An unsavory character


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