Galway-Mayo or Why I Hate Irish Public Transport

Once again a post without photos. Apologies.

But hey you can’t blame me for mistakes that were completely my fault.  I found a photo of Finnish sausages will that help? Also, let this serve as a warning to anyone planning to visit Ireland. Yes we are small country, but it is not easy to get around by public transport – at least not with any level of efficiency.DSCF6603.JPG

Murrisk, Co. Mayo

OK it defintely took longer to get here from Galway than I thought it would. Lesson of the day? Don’t trust internet timetables. The early bus I was to get from Galway to Westport didn’t actually go to Westport so I had to wait in a bar near the bus station for the next one. It was in 3 hours. Then the bus from Westport to Murrisk had a completely different number than the internet had told me. It was worth the hassle though.

Once we got away from the stop start traffic of Galway and in in to Hill Country I started to understand why George Bernard Shaw loved Ireland’s hills so much. They come at you from out the bogs taunting you, daring you to reach out and take a lash at them. And the bogs? I may be a simple city boy but them’s a thing of true beauty. I had the Saw Doctor’s Green and Red of Mayo stuck in my head as the driver flew around the bends. Not a bother on him but divil if I could remember more than a few words of the song. Something about soft and craggy boglands or tall majestic hills?

When I eventually got the right bus from Westport to Murrisk – the 66, not the 450 as the internet would have you believe, it was nearing night. I got a free tour of all Clew Bay but only because the driver forgot to stop in Murrisk. I did get a free ride back though, while the driver tried to sell cattle on the phone. I was on the mountain side of the bus this time and didn’t see much through the darkness. Just islands. Magical islands, like whales rolling in the tide, flaunting playfully their splendor.

And after all that? A 12 bed dorm to myself. En Suite no doubt. All state of the art here, fancy key cards  and a dishwasher to boot!!

Tis fierce wet in this part of the world and not lending itself much to mountain climbing.



One thought on “Galway-Mayo or Why I Hate Irish Public Transport

  1. This is great! Really made me laugh – it’s such a good description of the transport system! I’d hate to think how much of my life I’ve spent waiting at Irish bus stops wondering when (if ever) the bus was going to appear! 🙂


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