Murrisk, Co. Mayo – Six Nations and Croagh Patrick

There’s a poem on the way about the weather.

Well. I have the ending of something. The views from the bay were incredible. I hope these new hiking boots of mine aren’t liable to fall apart in sea water or I’m fucked.

The wind and the rain were something else today but still it is as quiet and peaceful as I could want. The happy pilgrims nod and smile on their way back down the mountain and tell tales of worse weather further on.

I briefly met a stag do who arrived last night ,on account of whom I got my own dorm, but being from Cork I understood nothing out of their mouths. Apart from the odd jibe about rugby and the intelligent insights in to what the ref should have done when he blew up for this or that. I wonder do they find my own tongue so hard to get to grips with. The sheer array of accents in this country has always amazed me. From lilting Galway to nasal Cork and incomprehensible Cavan. Poor Cavan.

The Rugby was a draw. Ireland threw it away, trying to play too much and make it look good. Keith Earls got knocked the fuck out!!


The stag do left this morning, along with the driver.

The place might be quiet this evening, not that I ever really heard them much to begin with. I went out a’rambling again today took the road towards Westport until the rain put an end to that lark but stopped in a nice little community cafe at the foot of Croagh Patrick. Think I got some half decent photos too before the rain came down proper.

This evening had a proper slap up meal in a place they call “the tavern”, meat, potatoes, gravy the works. Something to warm the bones. A lovely spot altogether.

Think I’ve fixed the straps on my backpack so as not to cripple myself too much. I still have to pack properly though so that remains to be seen. I’m starting to think I might have taken too much with me.


And now as I write with Warren Zevon playing in the air

I think how blessed I am to be here at all – on the road to God knows where, where the people are always friendly and smile as I pass them by. I shant be able to shower in the morning lest I carry a wet towel with me on trains all day so I may try for one tonight.

But now, tis time for tea….


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