Murrisk to Waterford or Public Transport Fails Me Again.

Now, when you look at a map of Ireland she is small, dainty even…

You would imagine that a small country like this would be easy to move around in. And you would be right. Provided you have access to a car. The trouble is  that all the beautiful. scenic, remote spots in Ireland are… well, remote. In this most enlightening journal entry I learned, once again, that the Irish public transport system isn’t quite up to scratch. I just googled the directions to check times for the trip that I’m talking about here – in a car it will take 4 hours give or take, by public transport at least 10.

Murrisk to Waterford.

At last I am arrived in Waterford. After what feels like an eternity travelling. This morning in Murrisk could have been 2 or 3 days a go. A lovely way to go, the manageress of the hostel – Mary I think her name wwas, gave me a lift all the way back ti Westport. Not a bother on her. Although there isn’t much to see in Westport before 1pm, in the rain. A couple of cups of tea and a friendly nod from the station master set me on my first train of the day. A journey somewhat  spoiled by the drunken Dublin fans down for the match over the weekend. It isn’t any wonder that Dubliners are not always welcome outside their won county.

Changed in Portarlington. a fine train station, well a station at least.It was nice, if very old fashioned. It only got indoor heating in 1995 according to a very proudly displaced plaque. I waited there for an hour or so, between trains. from there it was only 20 minutes to Kildare, my next transfer that would take me straight on to Waterford.

I was glad by that stage that the hotel was a bit out of town. I stretched my legs. they needed it. The hotel is a travelodge and a travelodge is a travelodge. Nothing spectacular but I have a fine bathroom and a shower, even got to do my laundry in the sink.

The pack seems fine. My back is bruised but I think that might be just from the other day and sure a nice sleep in a grand big bed will see me right again. speaking of bed….


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