Waterford City, Portree Guesthouse and My First Volunteer Experience.

From February to March of 2016 I lived in Waterford City.

I was volunteering in Portree Guesthouse,  a guesthouse come hostel. I had been lucky enough to be turned on to the wondrous community of people looking for volunteers at helpx by a friend of mine. He had recently returned from the South of France where he brewed beer in the mountains. I worked in a hostel behind a distillery.

There are a number of websites that offer similar service. A host will make an ad, a hopeful volunteer will make contact and hopefully some arrangement will be met. Arrangements vary greatly, you could work three hours a day and get given three meals and a private bedroom or you could work ten hours a day for one meal and enough space for an army bed in a kitchen corner. It is important to know what you are getting in to before you arrive.

I have been very lucky.

I enjoyed my first experience so much that I barely had time to write. But here, once again, is an entry from that journal of mine.

Portree Guesthouse

Portree House – Tell’m Mick sent you!

I missed an entry yesterday. Never mind, sure that hardly counts as a day. Just breezing through I was.

Hostel is beautiful.

People are beautiful.

I haven’t started work yet though so that all may change.

Everything is shaping up well though.


A Beautiful City is Waterford…

if rather small. The work here is easy and the people so nice I have been distracted from filling you in on what’s been going on. I seldom have a minute to myself as there is always something happening with the other helpers here.

I am here a week today and everything is getting easier, falling in to place. I have worked out how and when to do laundry without making too much a nuisance of myself. The constant changing faces seem, to me so normal now. There is a constant stream of new guests and all willing to join our adventures.


These Weeks Have Gone by so Fast.

I have had barely a minute to myself to write. The beauty of living here is that there is always someone around, a trip to take, a job to do or simply a cup of tea to be had among friends.

These simple pleasures are what make me happiest.

The work is easy and as such doesn’t seem much like work. It varies but normally I do some cleaning and maybe some repair work. All in all about 4 hours work a day here earns me a bed and one communal meal a day.

I have truly loved my time here. I have spent it among such eclectic people who have only lit a fire under my feet and filled my heart with travel-dreams.

Segways in Waterford
I’m gonna make like a segway and roll

My European Plans are Unlaid Yet

I must get in contact with my host in Bavaria about my next job. The beauty of this lazy, free-flowing planning is that with some dates nailed in I can simply fill in the rest of the time how I please…

I will miss my time in Waterford. I think she is undiscovered still. There is a very young, cool vibe about this city. It reminds me of Rathmines or Ranelagh in Dublin, only it’s the whole city. Not just little areas.

They hold a festival of street art here, while some of it is truly breathtaking, some still leaves a lot to the imagination – What do you think?







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