4 Travel Icons I Couldn’t Travel Without

Wandering Earl


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Derek, or Earl as he is better known has been travelling non stop for 17 years. In those 17 years he has worked on cruise ships, acted in Bollywood movies and even been kidnapped in Bangladesh.

His blog is an excellent resource. Regularly updated with all you need to know about travelling, short term and long term.

From budget tour guides to long term travel plans, he has it covered – as well as constant updates on his own adventures – right now I believe he is in Nairobi.

Earl is always happy. He has had some rough times no doubt and had some terrible jobs but that is all part of the adventure. His writing is informative and evidently popular. He has taught me, personally about the numerous ways to travel and make money at the same time. Why burn through savings when for a few hours work you can easily make enough money to cover your expenses.


Nomadic Matt


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Now this is a true travel site. Everything here is aimed at making your life easier. Every recommendation is personally tested by Matt and his team of amazing guests.

What I find so endearing about Matt’s site is that the aim never seems to be to graduate from the hostel life to something grander when a dorm bed will do just fine.

Matt is all about saving you money. Looking for the best deals, or just want to travel for free? Matt has you covered.

Matt is a Travel Hacker – someone who takes advantage of the best deals and, after meticulous planning and some counter intuitive strategies has built a life of free anytime travel.

I think it is important to not get to hung about where we go and what we see. Part of the beauty of travel is the unknown. The adventure. Matt will often book flights before he even knows anything about where he’s going.


Edward Readicker-Henderson

There is not much I can say about Edward Readicker-Henderson that does not make me smile. To me he embodied travel and was one of those seldom few who truly lived his life.

If you do not know him, Edward was a travel writer. He died. He knew he was going to die for a long time.

Edward espoused an ideology of living for the moment, not travelling to see things and do things but just because we can. Travelling because the sun came back this morning, because the world is there to be seen.

This man wrote beautifully. He was poetic in his search for silence in this busy world.


He faced his own mortality more frequently than many of us will ever know and lived a life full of joy and adventure. I encourage you all to watch his talk at Tedx Maui, Kill Your Bucket List.

A true inspiration who will be sorely missed.

Rolf Potts

The Grandaddy Mack of them all.

Before there was independent travel

Before there were blogs

Before there was Travel Hacking

There was Vagabonding

In my eyes there would be no sustainable, long term travel without Rolf Potts. Potts’ laid the foundations for everyone that came after him.

He pioneered the idea of ethical independent travel, writing for The New Yorker, New York Times and National Geographic Traveller as he went. He walked across Israel, biked across Burma and travelled across 6 continents.

Not only is his blog kept up to date, it also features a section that I love where he interviews other travel writers.


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