5th of March – Stena Horizon – Celtic Sea

There is definitely something more adventurous about boat travel.

To me travelling by boat conjures up images of lengthy trips spent in the height of luxury. Nightly balls with big-band entertainment. Dinner at the captains table. And of course secret romances.

This has none of those.

A few of my plans have already been changed due to bus timetables but it is not a problem. I am learning to take things as they come and embrace the change.

If the night stays as clear as it has been all day there is sure to be some amount of stars tonight. Stars in the sky in open ocean, imagine that.

The family came to send me off today but to where I am not sure. If I can find work up North before it it gets too warm and all the snow is gone I may head there first.

I still have time before I have to be at my hosts in Romania.


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