6 March – Cherbourg

I have made it to the continent and Mother of Christ am I tired. I met a nice man on the ferry who was kind enough to help me out and point me in the right direction. I say point me… Luckily enough he was going the same direction as me and walked together for most of the way. He also happened to be the only other foot passenger on the ferry. Guess it’s not quite travelling season yet.

Cherbourg Port
Another ferry arrives.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to do in Cherbourg.

I climbed a hill to see a fort used in the war. I saw war memorials. Oh and a small zoo in a public park. The town is small and being a Sunday in France nearly everywhere is closed.

Batterie du Roule
Batterie du Roule otherwise known as “Some Fort From The War”.

I was checked in to my hotel by a nice French lady and her beautiful daughter, possibly sister.


Bayeux train at 10.30 tomorrow right across from my hotel and the to Paris to see a friend. I have a new app to book trains, save me money and time Captain Trains I think it was called.Got my Bayeux ticket on it – will check again tomorrow for Paris. The plan is to leave as early as possible and get the most out of Paris.


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