10 March – Paris

I thought for a moment I had lost my mind. Instead I have fallen in love. Fallen in love with planning my travels on the fly.

I was supposed to stop in Paris for a day.

I was supposed to take a bus from Paris to Frankfurt.

How boring.

Notre Dame de Paris
How could I leave this all so soon?

Now I will stay in Paris for 10 days and then fly to Bergen on the West coast of Norway. I first heard of Bergen while I was booking my plane ticket there. From Bergen I will take the train to Oslo. A train journey often described as the most beautiful in the world. We will climb to the peaks of mountains and then jet across the frozen landscape.


From Oslo I need to make my way to Stockholm to take a ferry to Turku, Finland.


Come the beginning of April I shall be in Finland, Pori I imagine.I still have the opportunity to work in Lapland come Summer time, if I don’t take that up perhaps I will look for work near Pori.


What have I been doing in Paris you ask?


Oh you know, just getting private tours from a good friend who also happens to be a tour guide. The Louvre, Mont-Marte, Eiffel Tower – you name it I seen it. And done it all like a local too. I’ve eaten more bread in parks and taken more metro journeys than I ever thought I would.

Turns out Paris is kinda big – not easily suited to my rambling ways.

My Poor Boots
My poor boots, feeling useless.

Unfortunately my volunteering has taken the hit as I have grown to enjoy my constantly changing trajectory and the ease with which so much can be accomplished.


Hope springs eternal

While soft and

Dumb I stand.

The world itself revolves

While among the

Dead I stand


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