11 March – Paris

That’s the last few things booked ahead of next week. Now all that’s left is my last days in Paris to sort out.

And then

Paris-Bergen-Oslo-Stockholm-Turku-Pori…. phew


Today was spent leisurely by the canal, I played harmonica in the sun for a few hours. Then I got my camera out properly for the first time since I arrived in Paris. I may have got some decent photos.

Canal St Denis, Paris

Oh and I finally got a plug adapter. Until now I’ve been using an old Euro charger I had lying around the house – works fine but the cable is only Cm long. I had to leave it hanging from a plug socket, 1m off the floor recently.

Antipode, Canal St. Denis Paris

Everything is falling in to place..

Again I feel like I’m harping on about how easy this had been but it truly is amazing to me how unplanned my planning has been. I never thought I would have been able to do this, but hey – there ye go!

If I need to work in Finland I think I have already found some things I could do without being able to speak Finnish.

And still there’s Lapland for the Summer.


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