Norwegian Phrases

A brief entry from my journal caught my eye earlier today and I thought I had to share it. 

I am in the habit of trying to learn some small amount of the native language. No matter how basic. I like to be able to say hello, please, thank you etc. and so I collected a few Norwegian phrases as usual. 

I already speak a little bit of Swedish so these phrases were quite easy for me to pick up.

One problem.

It was an incomplete least.

It turns out the only phrase I really needed to know for my time in Norway was “No Sir, I am not a drug dealer and I do not have amphetamines I would like to sell you”. I wish I could say this was an isolated occurrence but apparently I just have the vibe of a Norwegian drug dealer – but more on that to follow.

For now enjoy the simple and I’m sure misspelled Norwegian phrasebook

Norwegian for Travel
Helpful Norwegian Phrases




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