16 March 2016 – Bergen

Today I feel like a true adventurer

I climbed a mountain. A real mountain – Mt. Ulriken. Highest mountain in Bergen, Norway.

Now, I didn’t climb it the way everyone else does with the handrails and a well worn track – no Sir

I climbed across snowy fields with drifts up to my hips, I crossed a river and tasted the freshest water I’ve ever had.

I met one single soul on that track.

And then I reached the Ulriken Cable car and was reliably informed that the way I came is normally only used during the Summer. Sensible people the Norwegians.


The cable car was a hub of activity, there were joggers and tourists – even a wedding.

I see a running trend in the athleticism of the Norwegians. Here they get the cable car to the top and then run down the sheer side of the mountain. Interesting way to go about it. They must be the most energetic people I’ve ever met.

The Snow Capped Peaks of Bergen

After I climbed down slowly, looking as much a Norwegian as I felt there was a fire in a house. I stood with locals and watched the fire brigade break down the door. There was nothing much to it in the end.

Very little excitement in the end – no flames, no screams and people being rescued. Just people doing there job and a lot of people watching and waiting.


Due to a foolish error on my part I have lost most my photos from Bergen – however…

I was clever enough to post a few here before I lost them.

And rescue some from my ever-useful smart phone….

This article is part of an on-going series – you can find the previous post here and the next post here


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