Stockholm to Turku – Another Ferry and a Poem

Stockholm-Turku Ferry
A ferry stops in åland.

On my way to Turku.

I can not believe how cheap this ferry was…. 15 Euro!

And it’s a proper ferry too. Not a glorified tanker like the Stena Line ferry I got. This is a cruise ship.

There are bars and restaurants, a spa, arcade. Everything you could think of.They sure like gambling in this part of the world even this ship is covered in slot machines. If I had to guess I would say there is ten on each floor of this ship at least.


It’s been brief but I’m sure I’ll be back around, 

It was simply the quickest route to Finland – train from Bergen to Oslo, then a train from Oslo to Stockholm and then this ferry. 

The word for these countries is: natural.

Even in Stockholm you are surrounded by Islands and the sea.

We had snow yesterday but it was wet and didn’t last. Not so Magical

Stockholm's train lines.
The train line in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm – A Poem

A brief snow fell on

Stockholm’s Island city

and there were swans.


This post is part of an on going series. The previous post can be found here




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