25th March ’16 – Pori

Good Friday.

Well I’m in Finland. I have been in Finland for a few days actually. I got a lovely ferry from Stockholm – I say ferry. It was more of a huge fuckin’ cruise ship and there were islands out the window for nearly the whole way. Beautiful little islands with wooden houses and private jetties. Still, I dunno if I’d fancy living there with cruise ships passing every couple of hours.

    There was another English speaker on board. A girl who looked exactly like a friend of mine in Ireland but more Romanian. 

turku finland viking line
The Viking Line ferry terminal in Turku, Finland where I was so warmly greeted

 S met me off the boat, looking as beautiful as ever and we hung around Turku for a few days. Met some of her friends, did a room escape, grabbed a beer. All the while there was snow on the ground. I think I’ve seen more snow these past few weeks than I have my whole life previous.

    When we were on the bus up to Pori it was snowing sideways, you couldn’t see the road beneath you. It had stuck a bit when we got to Pori and was, I am reliably told, the good kind of snow. Fluffy. Perfect for men and balls.

    I have been welcomed in to her apartment with open arms. I am not sure who is getting more from this relationship me or her, all I know is I’m getting a hell of a lot out of it. More perhaps than she will ever know.

Pori Kokemäenjoki
The beautiful Kokemäenjoki runs right through Pori

For  now life is beautiful. Beautiful people. And noodles. Oh so many noodles.


This post is part of an on going series. The previous post is here and the next one here.


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