7 Podcasts You Should be Listening To And 1 You Probably Are

Come here

I wanna tell you something



It’s a secret



Podcasts are awesome!

  In a world where we  are always on the move and seldom have time to train and practice the skills we want to podcasts are the perfect answer. Pop ’em in your ears on the way to work and your done. Boom!!

Wanna learn Spainsh ? Theres a podcast for that, wanna know how to invest your money wisely? Check. Wanna know how to waste all that extra money you just made? Check!

Not sure where to start? I got your back, here are 6 of the best!


Ask me Another


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Full disclosure I am a book nerd and this podcast feeds all those letterlicous longings I find myself with. Ask me Another is a game-show, broadcast by NPR. The games are word games and always full of delicious puns.

With some pretty amazing guests, including Sir Patrick Stewart this is a podcast that everyone should be listening to. Full details here.



Lore takes the classic campfire tale and gives it a reboot. each episode host Aaron Mahnke investigates some of the darker and more sinister roots of folk tales. Sometimes the truth is more terrifying than fiction.

Episodes are released here every second Monday.


Hardcore History

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Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is a behemoth. This is  what happens when you ask someone to talk about something they’re passionate about and record the ensuing onslaught. Each episode released is a monster and covers, in detail, the events that have forged our world.

With episodes ranging from 90 minutes to 6 hours I implore you to stick with it can hear them out, the time will fly by and you will come out all the better for it at the end.


Myths and Legends

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While Lore tries to find a factual base to folklore, Myths and Legends does quite the opposite. This very much a storytelling podcast. There is something for everyone here, from the heavy hitters of Greek and Roman  Mythology to the lesser known tales of African Folklore. Each episode has an endearing creature of the week section where some unusual and unfortunate creature is dragged from the tomes of history and thrown before us for examination.

Side note: The 8-bit music that often accompanies stories is beautiful and reminiscent of side-scrolling adventure games.

All Songs Considered

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Do you like music? No shit!

Everyone likes music, so much so in fact that the world seems awash with mediocre music and hidden gems. You would need some kind of good-music-seeking-detector-thing to ever find a new record worth listening to. Or you know, this podcast.

As the title says, All Songs Considered considers all songs. Reggae, rock and roll and gangster rap can all be found here. With hosts who sift through the all the new releases to find the gold and bring it straight to your ear holes.

99% Invisible


I could not write about podcasts and not mention 99% invisible. This is the 1st podcast I ever listened to and what started my obsession. The fun of 99PI (as the kids call it) is discovering interests you never knew you had through talented story tellers. They market themselves as a design podcast and focus on the things you encounter on a daily basis and never pay attention to… normally. Sometimes they go off on beautiful tangents answering questions you never thought to ask but realize you always needed to know. The are founding member of radiotopia and a testament to production values.

Mysterious Universe

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OK, so this won’t be for everyone, especially if you don’t enjoy circles. This is for me. Mysterious Universe takes a tongue in cheek look at all that goes on in the world of the paranormal and unexplained phenomenon. Sometimes they interview people about books on subjects that seem to crazy not to be true (There was a recent episode on the role drug addiction played in Nazi Germany) and sometimes they present their own research. Always they entertain.

The Tim Ferriss Show

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At times it seems like Tim Ferriss can do no wrong. To list his achievements here would take too long and be too confusing. In short, Tim is a Super Human – he pioneered the idea of lifestyle design and in doing so had freed up time to experiment in any avenues he pleases.

Perhaps the most successful is the podcast. Here Tim tracks down the very best in the world and picks their brains about daily habits and thought processes, any systems that can be extracted and learned and applied to your own life. Among his outrageous list of guests have been Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dom Dagostino, Shay Carl, Tony Robbins, Jamie Foxx, Paulo Coelho, Wim Hoff the list goes on.

Episodes take the from of a long interview and are always fascinating.



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