3rd April ’16 Pori or Travel Plans and Meat Pies

I have been lazy with my updates. I have been in Finland for 2 weeks now and not a single line written – for shame.  

The snow is gone. Alas it seems I arrived just in time for the changing of the seasons. I have seen the snow and river melt as Spring slowly arrives.

  At first the people here may seem impersonal and awkward. They remind me at times of children playing at being grown ups. Not in a malicious way but a cahrming, endearing way, as if they are constantly trying to prove something yet unsure of what that something may be.

Living with S has been remarkable and I could see myself doing it long-term in the future. For now though, I must move on. I am getting comfortable and comfort is what I aim to avoid. 

  Tomorrow we leave for Riga together, by way of Helsinki and Talinn.  Then we part ways. I will go on to Vilnius and Budapest, perhaps then in to Italy, I am unsure.


That was the microwave. My meat pie is ready. Must dash.


This is part of an ongoing series. The previous entry can be found Here and the next one here.


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