2016 Travelogue – Riga – 6th of April


After a misguided adventure through Helsinki and arriving at a the wrong ferry terminal a taxi picked us up and brought us where we needed to be. And in a fog so thick we couldn’t see the water we left.

tallin ferry fog
We could see nothing out the windows the whole way to Tallinn

It would seem my sense of direction is better than S’s.



I got lost on the way to our hotel.

photo op in Tallinn old town
Plenty of time for a quick photo

It was worth the hour of aimless wandering when we got there though. Right in the heart of Tallinn’s old town. In the room we have exposed brickwork and wooden rafters that would launch a ship – a true poet’s dream. And the bed! Oh the bed was the best I’ve had since I left Dublin. We stayed for just the one night. The next  day I guided us fearlessly to the bus terminal where we arrived with an hour to spare.


First impressions…

Riga Advert wall poster
I felt a bit like her


Dirty, busy and somehow threatening.

After the quiet of Finland the bustling market’s of Riga astounds the senses.

S was too proud to let me carry her bags.

We had a bit of trouble getting in to the apartment we had rented. It sorted itself in the end and it”s a nice place. Even if there is no hot water and we can’t use the cooker at the same time as any other electrical appliances.

We checked out the old town after getting in. An city of contrasts is Riga. A mix of bright colors and Soviet grays, monuments to soldiers and real life soldiers on the street.

The Bloody Sunday Monument, Riga, Latvia

A city steeped in recent history whose people seem to reflect it, grey and unyielding as the Soviet architecture. They all seem to frown.

I have learned that this is typical of this part of the world. On the outside people seem unfriendly but once you break that initial wall they would open up their homes to you at the drop of a hat.

We missed the hipster area. We searched for it for a couple of hours but in vain. We wandered in to a mass plague cemetery instead. Littered with travelers churches and decaying mausoleums.

This is the beauty of life on the road. To take a plan that has gone awry and ride with it and turn it around. You never know. You may even find a graveyard.


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