14th April ’16 Mandala Hostel, Budapest

A fine place with a nice relaxed hippy vibe about it. 

Staff are all young.

I think they are either workawers or with helpx.

And it is hot.

Lord is it hot.

I nearly missed my bus from Warsaw. Oh yeah I was in Warsaw for a day or two. 

I was waiting at the drop off point for an hour, not the collection point. Rookie mistake.

This was my first long bus ride, 12 hours. It wasn’t as bad as I had expected, we stopped every few hours and got out to stretch our legs. There was free tea and coffee, I used the hot water to make a very nutritious noodle lunch.  God bless Lux Express

Lux Express Baltics Bus company
My favorite way to travel in the baltics

We rolled down through Slovakia, passing wide open fields and mountain views and I watched it all, sleepily pass from my window.

 Today in Budapest.

First day here. I arrived at the hostel 10ish last night. Today I didn’t do a whole lot. I went and checked out the river, then found a huge park with some kind of statue in it.

gellert hill statue budapest
Turns out Gellert Hill and the Statue of Liberty are kind of a big deal in Budapest

   I think I’ll go for a ramble in the other direction now in a few and see what mysteries I find.

Note to self. Must find chemist lest my Irish skin melt in the sun.  



This is part of an ongoing series. The previous post can be found here.




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