15th April ’16 Mandala Hostel Budapest

Took a wrong turn today.

Pretty sure I wandered in to the bad side of town. Here i was happily walking along, in my own little world and when I looked up next there seemed to be more bleeding people around than I am used to. It’s not like there was some kind of brawl or war or anything. Just lot’s of individual people who had, in one or another, accrued facial injuries. Recently.

Awful photo of Buda Castle
I apologise for how awful this photo take outside Buda Castle is


But then I also climbed a hill and saw a castle, some statues and the most cherry blossoms I have ever seen. The tourist guides don’t tell you about the amount of urban nature you encounter here. There is some kind of plant fluff constantly blowing in the air, like a million children have made wishes on dandelions at once. 


  I found a playground too. It was old and decrepit so I sat on a swing and played harmonica for a few hours, it seemed to suit the mood.

New guests arrived this evening. 4 young American girls, friendly. This place seems to attract nice people.


This is an ongoing series. The previous entry can be found here.


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