5th May 2016 – Vienna to Venice

A few weeks have made all the difference in the world to me in terms of luck.

Leaving Mandala wasn’t easy and I hope to some day return. It happened that a lot of the workawayers were leaving at around the same time which made me feel even more connected. If certain plans come to fruition and they open a hostel in Finland you can be sure I’ll be the first one there, broom in hand, ready to work.

Before I left Budapest my fortune’s began to change. I did not act quickly enough and things nearly snowballed out of control.

My bank card was canceled while trying to book a train form Venice to Milan and I ignored the problem until I arrived in Vienna.

Lucky the people in at Hostel Ruthensteiner were very nice and understanding. Once I explained everything they were happy to wait to be paid until I got in touch with the bank and got my card unblocked. After all that was sorted I was really only left with one day in Vienna. I still had time to explore and to visit the Lomography Studio.

I also forgot that I had booked an over night train to Venice. I missed it. I booked another train the day before it left that cost me a small fortune.

I think when I finally arrived in Venice I had let all of this stuff build and was fit to cry when I arrived to find it raining and my map to the hostel missing. Eventually after hours of trudging through the streets I found the hostel, only to find out that they wouldn’t take my card and had to get cash, only to find out that all the nearby ATMs were out of order. Oh Italy, how I love thee.

After I had finally got sorted and left my gear in the room I went out and found the sea. That beautiful green-blue sea, that marvel. I sat on one of the many bridges and let the soft lapping cleanse me of my stress until peaceful I lay me down to sleep.

Venice is a labyrinthine wonder of art and design, everywhere silver and gold garbs play testament to her starried past. Still the narrow streets seem destined to end in a bawdy marketplace.

But oh the crowds! The tourists in the rain, with their umbrellas that get caught on every awning and cause human bottlenecks…

Rain in Venice
The rain never stopped!



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