15th May 2016 – Milan

Before I left Venice I wanted to make sure to take some photos.

The weather has been so bad that I barely got to take any. I left the hostel early, and took one last wander through the streets. Then, sitting outside the train station for an hour or two I took it all in, the crazy carnival that is Venice.

First impressions of Milan were brief. I arrived on Liberation Day, when the Italians commemorate victory over the Nazis by closing 90% of their shops and drinking espresso long in to the night. So I gather.

1st impression of the hostel was bad. 2nd was slightly better. I was first taken in to a “new building”, of the hostel. So new in fact that it had not been finished yet. There were plasterers working in the room where I was supposed to sleep. It smelt like paint. Yet people had already claimed beds with backpacks, expecting perhaps some kind of competition. I was there 10 minutes when the receptionist came back, we were all moved to the main building. Smaller dormitories. Cleaner. Dryer plaster.

I am think I might have to cancel the last night if I can, I have a feeling I booked my train for the wrong day again. Next stop Torino, then on to meet a friend in Ivrea, up in the mountains – I think.


One thought on “15th May 2016 – Milan

  1. Sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience in Milan. Check out Duomo and the galleria. As well as Castello Sforzesco. All are stunning in their own way. And if you get the chance check out the nightlife in Naviglia, it’s very pretty at night 🙂


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