29th May 2016 – Bruges

It would seem that I have neglected my journalling of late, or indeed any productive habit. I’m on my way back up in Bruges now.

Milan was my last entry?

Well let me fill you in on a little then. Between Milan and here I have seen 5 more cities. I use the term city loosely. As the following chart will demonstrate

  • Milan – City
  • Turin – City
  • Ivrea – Town
  • Lessolo – village
  • Calea – Houses

Thanks to the overwhelming kindness of others I spent 2 weeks or so living an idyllic Italian life. In a real home, with a bed and a kitchen that my friends mother would not let me near.

I ate meat again. Real fresh cooked meat. I had forgotten it’s simple joys.

I hiked through forests and swam in lakes. I got my ear pierced and skyped S regularly. Oh it was serene to wake up daily with a view of the mountains and to be deafened by the bird’s daily squabbling.

Bedroom View Calea
Waking up to a view of the Alps every morning does wonders.


We picked wild plants and made tea as I was told all about the local animal life – boars bigger than a car and a local farmers turkey pack.

In retrospect getting the ear pierced before the bus was a mistake. It bled while I slept and I awoke with a blood stain on my shirt. Maybe that’s why the police were so interested in me.

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